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03-Jul-2017 09:41

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This called the secure attachment style or adaptation.

In a relationship, it is easy for you to trust that the other people are there for you and arguments do not derail you or distress too much you.

As an adult, you may be really frightened in a relationship ending up either clinging on to your partner or openly rejecting them.

Your relationships may feel like they are exhausting and hard work most of the time.

The fourth attachment style is the rarest, but very relevant to toxic relationships, as many individuals who end up in toxic relationships come from difficult family dynamic backgrounds.

For example, you shared great holidays with your parents and on a day to day basis, your parent(s) were often too busy and emotionally unavailable to you.

Please note that you are not legally required to produce these documents but if you do they can help to ensure your child's birth is correctly registered.

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