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Hisham El Demery, chief of Egypt's Tourism Development Authority, said tourism was picking up and discoveries like the one at Luxor would encourage the sector.

In March, an eight-metre statue that is believed to be King Psammetich 1, who ruled from 664 to 610 BC, was discovered in a Cairo slum.The turning point, he said, came in 2004 when he saw videos streaming out of Beslan, the southern Russian town where an Islamic-nationalist guerrilla group held a school hostage for three days, culminating in a bloody raid by Russian security forces that left more than 380 people — many of them children — dead.The idea that children would be killed, even in the pursuit of a greater goal, unsettled Abdellahy.“ ‘Now we are weak and the West is so powerful,’ Abdellahy said, citing a common state-promoted narrative he learned in school. [and] all the world is against us because we are better than them.” When Abdellahy began to crave more information about his religion, Islam, which is both the dominant religion of Egypt and the religion that informs and permeates the country’s constitution, penal code and cultural practices, he found only “shallow” explanations of belief and practices in the locally available books and newspapers.

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“ ‘You are a victim; all the world is against you’ . And he found a dearth of teachers, scholars and political leaders willing to take his questions.

But Abdellahy, who spoke more about the issue following his talk on Tuesday, said he doesn’t advocate shutting down extremist voices because, he says, there will always be another outlet, and another account — just as there were back in the early 2000s before the age of social media. “I don’t think anyone would dare to carry weapons or fight for something he’s not sure about.” More on World Views Egypt official blames Tom and Jerry cartoons for Middle East violence In new Egyptian textbooks, ‘it’s like the revolution didn’t happen’ From Cairo, ‘It’s Saturday Night Live!

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