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13-Jan-2018 19:19

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A true Sikh does not spread unproven or potentially false rumors.God has imbued every human, ability to make individual decisions. They consider Sikh guys as losers and unattractive. They are extremely attracted to Hindu guys because Hindu guys are well groomed and have very charming overall personality the way they talk full of life etc which the Sikh guys lack..Abt 75% to 80% Sikh girls want to only date and marry Hindu guys and this is 100% Fact. They find Hindu guys extremely attractive and are crazy abt Hindu guys. They respect Sikh girls very much and take care of them.

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If you cannot answer this based on research, you are making guesses, not worthy of a Sikh.

I sent him interest and as it was call from Almighty, everything started falling into places. I liked her profile, sent her my interest, she accepted. I am very thankful to for their wonderful services which i have not received from any others and especially to my relationship manager for searching a perfect match for my elder sister and gave me such kind of support which was very import...

Our parents asked for other details and shown their excitement. Thereafter we kept communicating for months via emails and much later on phone, fell in love.

We hail from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and speak that dialect of Rajasthani. I feel being compassionate to all living things around us is one of the purpose of life, I practice the Kriya yoga which I le...

Read more Hey, I have done my Masters from institute of hotel management, pusa and am currently working with one of the reputed university of UP a Faculty.AS WE GO THROUGH THE PROFILE WE LIKED IT AND ACCEPTED THE SAME. It clicked instantly and we decided to get married. We met on when I sent her request on day before Maha Shivratri.