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Because, simpy the majority of ERPers durig vanilla was humans. Peoples mind is fixated on other peoples sexuality, peoples mind are fixated on, how wrong that kind of sexuality is, or that kind of sexuality is, or how that sex position is just weird or whatever. I'd think it was actually quite cool/fun if it was based upon real RP'ing, with a build up formed on top of a real relationship...

The same reason sex features to heavily in the media. People, and especially world of warcraft players, are so messed up, that they feel the need to, the desire to, the strange lust to bother about other peoples things. But it's not, it's just creepy old men (I imagine).

of conversari "to live with, keep company with," lit. "Not at all," persisted he, accepting as conversation what she meant as a stab.

Related: Conversational (1779); conversationalist (1836); conversationist (1806). Davis, may I ask the favor of a few minutes' conversation with you in private?

They both accept and agree to this, which many label to be disgusting and wrong, and both agree to it.

This means they can find a familiar idea in each other - both have sexual desires/fantasies they want to act out, both have the same sort of 'pervy' mind and aren't judging each other on it, as they both have it.

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People don't care if they are male or female, young or old, what nationality they are, etc. The only people you may find actually caring deeply or even wants to know, are the lollers who are around.Apparently they had come thither for purposes of conversation.

In reaction to the over-publicity of the self (which one could argue is in itself violent and pornographic in its own self-serving way)[7] as conditioned by the social web, users have flocked to the other extreme of pure anonymity, preferring to live under the more anarchic conditions facilitated by 4chan for the sake of maintaining a level of power and control over their own privacy and identity.… continue reading »

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