Updating intel driver first

10-Nov-2017 00:12

For first generation Intel Core i processors, you only have 3 digits after the hyphen.

I have reported as bug in game But my problem is nxt periodically freezes and i get a windows error message saying application runescape 2 is blocked from assessing the graphics hardware or something like that. I am unable to do anything except hit the x on right handside top of screen and click yes to close down runescape and relaunch the client.

If we let players start doing this, it devalues Rune Scape for others.

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Note: The program is quite heavy when it comes to the installation of services, tasks and such on the system.

Only W*QL one will run on Windows 10 because it was modified. Open GL was restricted (it's buggy in other drivers) and Windows 10 was added as supported in INF file. I've added Windows 10 as supported in 2869 and it works just as well as 2702.

Funny thing is NXT is showing the driver as older than 2702."We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in Rune Scape.

But can sometimes play for ages before i get the error.

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Have read up and found this error can happen with win 10 on many computers not just intel even those with nvidea cards so not sure if removing manufacturers driver and replacing with intel on first page will fix this Have just rebooted and left at log in and cache was at 54 % and now the little timer has disappeared Acer driver is the latest I have found but about aug last year so prob intel driver will be later.Dooogy0 said: [...]Fyi, Windows Update (Driver Store) graphics drivers are not updated or current.