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01-Nov-2017 11:51

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An awareness campaign so far includes 28 state attorney generals who’ve done PSA ads about the dangers of accessing pirate sites.The ads were made by Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker Leelai Demoz.This has become a million business, with pirate websites creating another line of revenue for themselves.” The most chilling element is the “slaving” ploy, which is to trigger a computer’s webcam and use the contents against those being spied upon.He said there are examples where young women have been subjected to sex-tortion, with hackers threatening to disseminate footage from a computer webcam that has been recording kids in their bedrooms who were completely unaware their privacy was being violated.

Demands range from extortion payments, to what Nigam termed “digital rape,” with teenage girls being coerced into degrading themselves in private Skype sessions.This after a study that demonstrated that if you want to contract a virus, piracy sites are just about as reliable as brothels.“The industry narrative has changed,” Hemanshu said.They can lock your computer and everything in it and demand payment.

Or worst of all, they do what is called ‘slaving’ your computer. There are people out there who will pay to watch a teen girl in her room.

Only Nigam said that here, the danger is all too real and backed up by research.

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