When love really hurts dating violence curriculum

22-Jan-2018 09:43

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You see all kinds of images of what relationships are supposed to be like — but how do you know which ones are the right ones to follow?It’s hard to ignore other people’s examples of relationships — for example, if your mother and father don’t show respect for each other.But knowing that love hurts doesn’t mean you should expect to get hurt — to be put down, slapped, embarrassed in front of your friends, pushed, yelled at, forced to have sex if you don’t want it, controlled by, or afraid of the person you’re going out with. Often a relationship doesn’t start out violent, but the violence starts after the two people have known each other for a while.

Both girls and boys often have the idea that boys can’t control themselves when it comes to sex.He forces her to have intercourse, later telling her she was a tease and asking for it. Sure, like the love songs say, love hurts sometimes. It can happen to anybody, even if you’re smart or popular or strong or sophisticated. Boys also can be pressured or forced into unwanted sex, by girls or by other boys. When it does, gay and lesbian teenagers often don’t know where to turn for help.